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Fundraising during COVID-19

How have you adapted your fundraising during COVID-19?

As many of you know, I am the 2020 board president of the San Antonio area Association of Fundraising Professionals. My responsibility and the volunteer board are to support our non-profit and fundraising professionals by providing educational opportunities, best practices, and appropriate and timely resources throughout the year. Because of COVID-19, our...

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Individualized Donor Plans

This weeks article will focus on the value of individualized donor plans. In a past blog article, we discussed the benefits advice visits can have on your non-profit and fundraising. Advice visits are a great way to involve and engage volunteers in a way they want to help you succeed. The question is, what is the next step after the advice visit?...

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Donor thank you notes.

Donor thank you notes are an important part of donor recognition. Donor recognition is any form of communication we use to thank donors before, during, and after making a gift. While much is said regarding donor retention or keeping donors from year-to-year, only a small amount of time is spent discussing the way non-profits currently recognize donors. Perhaps this is because the way...

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An important part of creating an effective fundraising strategy is evaluating your fundraising resources. I remember many times early on in my fundraising career where I would come home from work, go to my bedroom and stare at the ceiling blankly trying to figure out how I was going to make my fundraising goal. Looking back, I now see that what stressed me out most...
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