Passionate about fundraising

Why are you passionate about fundraising?  What motivates you to succeed in your role?

At a young age, my father was diagnosed with Bi-polar Schizophrenia. Because of his mental illness, he could not maintain full-time employment to meet my family's financial obligations. To help make ends meet, my mother worked two jobs, working nights and weekends, to provide for our family of seven....

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Building trust with donors

Building trust with donors is much like asking someone to describe what salt tastes like without using the word "salt" in your explanation. You know what it feels like when trust is present or absent, but it is often difficult to define. For this article, let us define trust as confidence in each other's motives, actions, and character.

I am...

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Where can you find new fundraising opportunities for your non-profit? How can you continue to grow your fundraising efforts, despite the challenges your non-profit may be facing?

The first step in identifying fundraising opportunities is reviewing and challenging your current fundraising processes and efforts. Why are you doing things a certain way, and how could they be done differently?

Many years...

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What are shared values, and how are they related to ethics?

October is set aside by The Association of Fundraising Professionals (A.F.P.) as ethics awareness month. Throughout the month, A.F.P. will share various articles and training on philanthropy ethics, and the role ethics have in non-profits.  Today I would like to join in the conversation by discussing the differences between ethics and values and the...

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