Technique-driven philanthropy is a method of fundraising based on specific actions non-profits must take to achieve desired results.  The idea is the amount of money raised is directly related to particular actions non-profits take, and these actions are regimented and repeatable year-after-year.

Many years ago, I worked with a small non-profit whose primary fundraising revenue came from a gala....

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Salary Range

Why is listing salary range so important? Should employers, posting job opportunities, be required to list the salary range for the position?

Several years ago, I interviewed for a leadership role at an education-based non-profit. Before I began the interview process, I did my due diligence by reviewing the non-profits 990 to see the previous person's salary. I researched the average...

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Money or Mission

What is more critical to your non-profit, money, or mission? If you consider money more important than your mission, why? And how has your focus on money impacted your program? If you believe the mission is more important than money, how has the lack of money kept you from achieving your mission?

An underlying theme I have noticed is...

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Financial Capacity

What is financial capacity, and how does it help your non-profit to grow?  According to the Merriam Webster dictionary, there are three possible definitions of financial capacity; they are:

  1. The ability to hold or contain people or things
  2. The largest amount or number that can be held or contained
  3. The ability to do something: a mental, emotional, or physical ability