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Fundraising during COVID-19

How have you adapted your fundraising during COVID-19?

As many of you know, I am the 2020 board president of the San Antonio area Association of Fundraising Professionals. My responsibility and the volunteer board are to support our non-profit and fundraising professionals by providing educational opportunities, best practices, and appropriate and timely resources throughout the year. Because of COVID-19, our...

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Inputs and Outputs

What is the difference between inputs and outputs, and why should non-profits care?

Several years ago, while living in Houston, TX. I noticed a well known non-profit in the area was consistently looking for a new fundraiser to lead their major gift program. It wasn't until the third or fourth time the job posted within two years that I noticed a pattern. The...

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When should a non-profit send out a donation reminder? How should donor reminders be structured?

Yesterday I had a conversation with a highly successful fundraiser in Houston, TX, Tiffany Riggs, who I hired and worked with for several years. Although it has been almost ten years since we have worked together, we keep in contact. ...

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Passionate about fundraising

Why are you passionate about fundraising?  What motivates you to succeed in your role?

At a young age, my father was diagnosed with Bi-polar Schizophrenia. Because of his mental illness, he could not maintain full-time employment to meet my family's financial obligations. To help make ends meet, my mother worked two jobs, working nights and weekends, to provide for our family of seven....

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